Q & A with Alec from Brazil

The way I met Alec (his name is Alessandro) is in fact a special story. For some reason, I believe that, somehow it was meant to be, that we became friends almost instantly. Alec have a Language School and I was looking for a job. I couldn’t get in touch with Alec and I really don’t remember why, but one of my business cards ended up on the sidewalk in front of the school. The next day Alec comes to my house to ask if he could be of assistance. Alec thought I was a possible client, but as said in fact I was the one asking him for help. Later we sat down and talked. In all modesty, I believe we soon became friends for life.

Alec, for me, is somehow a strange guy. He is a vegetarian, he believes in Buddhism and his passion is music and cats. He owns a language school where he and his teachers teaches foreign languages for Brazilians. He always has time to talk. He shares what he has of himself. At his school and I am sure in his private life also, there is always time for a talk and a cup of tea / coffee.
For me Alex is one of these people that you are happy to know and happy to have as a friend. Also for me he is one of the better memories of years in Brazil.

1. Where are you from and where did Alec grow up?
I’m originally from Salto. It’s a small town in the state of São Paulo – Brazil, where I grew up and have spent all my life since I was born.

2. Imagine you are 20 years old how would you see yourself at the age of 35 years old?
When I was 20 I was still attending college for my first bachelor degree in Social Communication and I expected I wouldn’t stop studying so soon as I intended to take a Master and stuff. So, I probably thought of myself at 35 as a PhD student at the time.

3. How do you see yourself as a professional? Or perhaps if you could choose what would you be?
I like to think of myself as someone who tries to do his best, but you know I’d rather be a full-time musician if I could.

4. I know you are working in education. What does education mean to you?
A path to make people better (If not the only).

5. What do you enjoy?
I’m a composer and music is my passion. Currently I’ve been playing the guitar and singing in a project called “Dirty Swede”. Our songs are on Spotify collecting money to an animal cause: host and feed cattle left on the roads by their owners as they get old and sick. I’d like to take this opportunity and invite your readers to follow us and help the initiative by listening and sharing our songs on their playlists. Links can be found at our website: http://www.thatdirtyswede.com

6. How do you see yourself in your country today?
I don’t understand how people in charge of a nation could ever act so unethical and greedy.

7. How do you see yourself and your world in 25 years as per 2017?
I still believe in people. So, I hope 25 years from now things will happen the way they are supposed to. I also hope I can be a famous musician by then and make use of this fact so that I can act more in favor of the causes I believe in.

8. If you have one wish about your Brazilian fellow man what would that be?
I’d like us all to think and act more collectively than individually.

9. One wish – how would you like the world to be in the future?
Plenty of everything to everybody.