The Matter of the cake

I am not that interested in politics or for that matter haven’t sufficient knowledge to really make constructive commentary to current events. This outburst has nothing to do with the specific laws and rules, if these are right or wrong. But I believe I can shout out my right to feel offended, happy or angry with any political event. So here you have my comments to something I think shows, that something is basically wrong.

I am sure most people have heard about the famous cake picture that the Danish Minister for Immigration shared on her Facebook page, and how many medias have commented on this from The New York Times to The Bild (Germany) and of course all of Denmark. Many people like and dislike, but maybe the minister is only tactical about getting press on her and her politics. If so she passed and won. As said I am no political genius, but what is the purpose of “sharing” just another victory, another change in the Danish Immigration law, in public with cakes and smiles. I don’t understand. The Minister just want to announce that another immigration law, number 50, has been taken into effect. And with the cake she wanted just to “share” her “victory” with the whole wide world.

Now you can wonder why this is important. The Minister wanted publicity? She got it. She got praises from around. She got it. She got critic. Yes, she got it. It’s not a question of the law itself and why the law passed the Parliament. No, it’s a question of respect. I suppose its right to say, that all laws, when they go into effect, have their consequences, positive or negative. And that’s the point. But is it right to “provoke” and celebrate that now Denmark has taken just another step, number 50, to that a certain group of people ARE NOT allowed or welcome to live in Denmark. Or perhaps the government is just trying to make life even more difficult for this group of immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers. It really seems that there are political powers trying to close Denmark for Denmark only.

The government seems to have so much intention to announce their supposed success and that makes me think: why not celebrate xxxx number of non-Danish looking people on the way to work because the number seems smaller than last month. Or less people in the train spoke a foreign language. Let’s celebrate with shawarma and make a press release.

Just like the President of the Red Cross (Denmark) said, that the politicians really need to respect the people that the law is affecting. Laws like this creates so many problems for immigrants.

The other day I read that the same minister suggested, that Danish citizen who had lived many years outside Denmark, but with a certain financial high-end level, should have no problems to return to Denmark with family with no regard to nationality. I now of Danish people who are “just workers” and with a “normal” income coming to Denmark. Are they not Danish too? Do they not have the same rights?

I know of immigrants, that have been in Denmark for 3-4 years with no rights whatsoever. No rights to work. No rights to medical assistance (besides emergencies that all countries offer). No real chance of integrating the Danish culture. After all it seems to be better being a refugee or an asylum seeker, because these groups have a better position to get support from the government.

Why not celebrate the mother/father from whatever country outside Europe living with her/his Danish family in Denmark, who has NOT seen a doctor for several years or/and cannot work? Just trying to cope. To get the best out of the waiting time, because the Danish Immigration takes forever, or perhaps just trying to make life difficult, to give residence permit to Danish/foreign married families. Because this group of people are suffering, fighting and not giving up – even if the Danish Government makes life hard.

Somebody somewhere should be ashamed.

Again, it’s sad to see one of our ministers showing that kind of behavior (cake picture), and when asked about why she did that, she shows that innocent look like “what did I do wrong – no bad play intended”.

I really hope that the politicians also try to learn from their mistakes. Remember most immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker are trying immigrate to Denmark (for instance) of legitim reason. There are good people. Not all are bad.

Here is a link to the 50 changes the current government has made in the immigrations law.