When is enough enough?
Again it happened. Another meaningless accident involving a cyclist.

This Monday the 25th of January long distance cyclist, Claudio Clarindo, was hit by a sleeping driver on the road to Santos, close to the city of Bertioga.

What is known about the accident is that Claudio was training together with his friend Jacob Amorin, with support car, and a car coming from the opposite direction hit the two riders – the driver was sleeping behind the wheel.

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The Matter of the cake

I am not that interested in politics or for that matter haven’t sufficient knowledge to really make constructive commentary to current events. This outburst has nothing to do with the specific laws and rules, if these are right or wrong. But I believe I can shout out my right to feel offended, happy or angry with any political event. So here you have my comments to something I think shows, that something is basically wrong.

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