The beginning

The story about Team Americas Pro Cycling. A story about a team, a concept, that was meant to be with success, but wasn't allowed to continue.

This is a personal story about a trip from Denmark to brazil and back again, with a stopover i France. The trip took 18 years. The story is told as closed to the real thing as possible or rather as clear as I remember the events.

The beginning

I stayed at a hotel on Rua Visconde de Pirajá in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Just about two blocks from the world famous beach Ipanema. There are probably many of you, that know the classic "Garota de Ipanema" by the legendary Tom Jobim.That's the place I am talking about. I found this little hotel, which I could pay without hurting too much money wise. I just arrived in Rio and I had all my belongings in my name with me inclusive a old titanium racing bike with Shimano 105. I bought the titanium frame from a scottish gu, with one eye, in Aarhus, where I lived and worked as a travel agent before arriving in Brazil. It turns out that this bike will play an important roll for me in the future. We are in the beginning of December 1998.


It's not the first time I visited Rio de Janeiro. I am not quite sure, how many times I have been in Brazil, but I felt quite comfortable being in Rio and travel in Brazil in general. There is no special reason or any priorities for me, when I chose Ipanema. Its more a question of living in a central place, reasonable safe and payable. I have been working many years in the travel industry, so perhaps I felt myself a kind of a specialist, when the question is location, number of hotel stars and price, if I can say it like that. I could probably have found even cheaper options than the one I chose, especially in downtown Rio or in areas that, as a tourist/foreigner, you wouldn't want to walk around in.

to be continued…...